A girl kissing the posters of David Bowie in Madrid, 1987.

some marks I’ve made.


my fave!

#THIS SAT SEPT 13i will be giving guided downloads of my raw archive AKA ┍4\/\/Ɍ(ɔ)H̶!\/Ǝ, my recent installation @ the glitChicago exhibition from NOON - 4 PMUKRAINIAN INSTITUTEOF MODERN ART2320 W Chicago AveChicago, IL 60622 yr own laptops, usb +/or other drives && share the data i’ve collected for 15+ years of glitch Art/Lyfe in Chicago: my┍4\/\/Ɍ(ɔ)H̶!\/Ǝ (pronounced “raw ­archive”) is a compressed archive of 15+ years of glitch Art/Lyfe in Chicago, free for download, distribution, remix + research. 113.13 GBs of previously unreleased personal data commingle with open sourced plans + documents from key moments of Dirty New Media TO: undead whispers of D1THER D00M secrets… my installation exists as an unsecret Dead Drop USB stick wwwitch i have unclouded + embedded in a cornerstone fragment of white brick wall. this work is, i hope, as Kate Sierzputowski writes: “an excellent introduction to view work that is normally shared on digital platforms” as well as a work that (while documented online) is only axxxually available by physically visiting the work in the exhibition + then taking the time to pull data over the USB (2.0) connection. in other words: this is a digital work in a physical exhibition that offers an intense level of access to previously unknown/unavailable content but that also simultaneously requires 01 to literally sit w/ the work (+ their own laptop) to access the archive themselves. in doing so you are then archiving the archive, sharing + distributing the data by choosing to copy it right// jonCateshttp://GL1TCH.US

Polly Brown